Parent playing with child

Texas Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) has been helping families and their children with developmental delays since 1981.  Our mission is to come along side families and provide you support, information, resources and professional expertise as you learn to understand your child’s needs and implement strategies to encourage their development.

The first 3 years of a child’s life see unparalleled growth and the development of foundational skills critical to their future success.  Because of this significant time of learning, it is also the most opportune time for intervention if a child’s development is delayed for any reason.  If you have a concern about your child’s development please don’t wait to call ECI for an evaluation.


Referral - Anyone can make a referral to ECI if there is a concern about a child’s development.  Parents, physicians or others simply need to contact ECI by phone or email.

First Contact - An ECI professional will contact you to discuss your concerns about your child’s development and their medical history.  This visit may be by phone or face to face.

Evaluation - Your child will be evaluated by a team of ECI professionals with the Battelle Developmental Inventory II.  You will be a part of this evaluation just as your participation in all of ECI services is critical.  You know your child best!

ECI Services - If your child qualifies for ECI services the team, including you, will develop the Individualized Family Service Plan to address the needs and concerns identified in the evaluation and those you have shared with the ECI staff.  This plan will also determine where, how much and who will provide the intervention.

Future Steps - Your child will be exited from ECI when turn 3 years old or when they are determined to be developing appropriately for their age.  Before that time your ECI team will help you access any further supports your child may need.  Further support may come from the public school, Head Start or private therapy.

Preparing for Your Child’s Assessment